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Energy of the future

Renewable energy is destined to gradually replace electricity productions methods based on fossil fuels. With a strong portfolio of more than 3,500 MW of projects, Total Quadran is part of a process of strong development over the coming years, in line with the hopes of the government, to hold to the European engagements that France has committed to for 2020: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, economize energy by 20%, and increase the use of renewable energy to 20% of energy consumption.


To supply the market with reliable energy production at a controlled cost, Total Quadran builds on the following fundamental principles:

Complementary means of production:
Wind power, photovoltaic power, hydraulics, biogas, and biomass: diversified energy solutions that are adaptable to local configurations.

Mastery of all stages of the life cycle of electrical power plants:
Total Quadran principally develops plants for its own account but also offers its partners the opportunity to enter into the renewable energy sector via the delivery of turn-key sites. Its know-how covers all necessary skills.

Strong regional social links:
Project development is done in close collaboration with local figures (elected officials, landowners, residents) with the goal of a sustainable development for the local area and the creation of local added value.


With an integrated engineering and design department, Total Quadran invests heavily in R&D to participate in new markets and to anticipate the evolutions of the electricity grid. Its actions revolve in particular around energy storage, production forecasting, electric vehicles, smartgrids, and self-consumption, among others.


Total Quadran has 14 locations worldwide, allowing it to be close to its production sites


 Total Quadran's locations
in Metropolitan France and Overseas territories

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 Total Quadran's development zones

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Guaranteed Tariffs

Electricity produced is sold to grid operators (EDF in Metropolitan France and overseas, Enercal and EEC in New Caledonia), with whom contracts are signed. The law imposes a purchase obligation according to standardized tariffs:

In wind power, the order of 11/17/2008 established a purchase tariff of 8.2 cents €/kWh in Metropolitan France and 23.5 cents €/kWh in overseas departments for installations with energy storage.

For solar power, the purchase tariff schedule established by the order of 03/04/11 is more complex. The new plan is based on 2 distinct mechanisms according to the capacity of the installation:

firstly, purchase tariffs, which are adjusted each semester, for installations on buildings that are less than 100 kWp (currently at 7.76 to 29.69 cents €/kWh according to the capacity and type of the installation).

secondly, calls for tender for installations of more than 100 kWp, on buildings, and more than 250 kWp for carports and ground-mounted power plants.

For hydroelectricity, the purchase tariffs are between 6.5 and 9 cents €/kWh according to the installation’s capacity.

Biogas/biomass: thanks to its highly developed budgetary approach, the recovery of off-gases to produce electricity offers real financial support for the public service goal of eliminating waste.



Total Quadran aims to become a benchmark energy operator in the regions where it operates.

Total Quadran operates around  850 MW in June 2019. 














Total Quadran includes around 300 employees in its agencies and subsidiaries in Metropolitan France, over-seas departments and territories (Total Quadran is the number one wind power operator over-seas).