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First generation wind farms are currently reaching end-of-life.

“Repowering” consists in dismantling the wind power plant so as to reconfigure the site optimally.

This modernization approach also exists for hydroelectricity whose equipment, in some cases, has been in use for more than a century.

Solar and biogas sites, which are more recent, will only reach this stage in a few years.

Dismantling is carried out following rules to limit the environmental impact.
Certain elements are retained for other uses.
The new installation benefits from existing infrastructures (access, substation, grid connection, etc.).

Total Quadran personally manages the dismantling and repowering of power plants at end-of-life.
The company has recently dismantled its first power plants:
• At Lastours (South France) built in 1983, repowering in 2010
 At la Désirade (Guadeloupe) built in 1992, repowering in 2010
 Glacière de Palisse (Montauban) built in 1982, repowering in 2013
 At Marie Galante (Guadeloupe) built in 1997, repowering in 2013-2015
At Petit Canal (Guadeloupe), built in 1998, dismantling in 2014.



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