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Thumbnail image Solar radiation brings our planet more than 10,000 times the energy that humanity consumes. Technologies to transform solar radiation into electricity have very quickly evolved over the past years and have entered into a truly industrial and competitive phase, thus allowing us to diversify our energy resources.

Today, in France, there are roughly 3 billion m² of buildings already built to which around 100 million m² is added each year, all building types included (housing, service, industrial, public, agricultural, etc.), for a total of 20 million m² (2,000 ha) of roofing, permitting the installation of more than 2 GWp per year on new roofs alone






Total Quadran conducts 4 types of solar projects to add value to different surfaces: 


• Carports
The construction of structures integrating solar panels so as to shade vehicles (cars, trucks, or camping trailers) parked in parking lots.


Points of References

At the end of March 2020, Total Quadran owns and operates 36 solar carports plants totaling 36 MWp of power.
Of particular note are the Truck Etape parking canopies of Vendres (Hérault region), the largest photovoltaic parking canopy plant for tractor-trailer trucks in France (4.4 MWp).


•  Photovoltaic roofing
Installation of integrated and non-integrated solar panel roofing:

 of more than 1,000 m²
no matter their pitch
on any type of roofing (tile, corrugated metal, everite, membrane, etc.)

Points of Reference

In March 2020, Total Quadran owns and operates 98 solar roofs, for a capacity of close to 45 MWp, mainly covering schools, malls, logistical warehouses, and factories.
The photovoltaic power plant of the Orange Les Vignes mall (Vaucluse, 2,163 kWp) is notable as the largest integrated solar power plant in Europe installed on a public building.


• Ground-mounted solar power plants
Installation of solar power plants on industrial land, waste sites, quarries, and storage zones, etc. Our experience with these types of grounds drives us to choose non cultivated zones with an area of 4 hectares or more.

Points of Reference

The group commissioned its first ground-mounted power plants in 2011. Since the end of 2013, Total Quadran has been operating a ground mounted photovoltaic plant on the CET site in Béziers, where its subsidiary, Méthanergy, also processes biogas from waste. At the end of March 2020, Quadran owns and operates a total of 44 ground-mounted solar power plants, totaling 225 MWp


• Floating solar power plants 
Installation of floating structures integrating photovoltaic panels on lakes (quarry lakes, dams and reservoirs, retention and flood control ponds, etc.). 


At the end of March 2020, for all these types of solar production, Total Quadran operates 224 photovoltaic power plants, the equivalent of 367 MWp, 45 of which (61 MWp) on behalf of third parties.


 Our solar power plants



The avantages of solar

The solar supply is abundant and inexhaustible.
• Photovoltaic production does not emit any greenhouse gases nor create any pollution.
• A photovoltaic project generates positive local fiscal, economic, and environmental returns.
• The installation of a photovoltaic power plant is completely reversible. It is simple, fast, and without impact on the landscape.
• At the end of the period of operation, the land can be reverted to its initial use, or become the site of new activity. 


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