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To carry out its projects with the greatest efficiency, Total Quadran has formed interdisciplinary teams to lead global operations in technical, financial, and environmental aspects relying on skills in the development, study, and piloting of projects, the installation and production of worksites, and production management.


Services   Site Identification Design Development Permits Financing Construction Operations and Maintenance Dismantling and Repowering


Total Quadran designs its wind power projects to be in harmony with their natural and human environment. A broad dialogue is held with residents, local officials, and administrations to allow for the best possible local integration of the project.

The first step in installing a wind power plant, site identification, takes into account the ecological impact, possible connections to the grid, available financing, public easements, and feasibility criteria. Potential sites must be properly exposed to the wind and close to an electricity grid where they can be easily connected.

Following that are the administrative processes and financing periods, managed by the teams of specialists at Total Quadran.

Total Quadran is also the project manager and project owner of the plants that it constructs, as well as managing the connection to the grid with Enedis, the electricity grid manager.

The lifespan of a wind power plant is around 25 to 30 years. Total Quadran itself handles the dismantling or repowering of power plants that have arrived at end-of-life.





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By installing met masts, Total Quadran studies the strength, regularity, and direction of the wind onsite.

These measurements determine the types of machines that are best adapted to the site and the ideal position for each wind turbine.

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